Raw Mask
Raw Mask

Raw Mask

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The hair's natural radiance and moisture will be restored with this blend of nutrients! Amazing for strengthening and smoothing your hair, the raw growth mask will help to avoid breakage, shedding, and overall damage. It will leave hair feeling stronger and smoother, providing a vibrant shiny finish. Our sizes come in 8 oz & 16 oz. 

How to Use: Pat your hair dry with a gentle towel so it's still damp. Apply from scalp to ends and leave on for 15-30 minutes. Rinse out with cold water to lock in nutrients on your hair! If you have severely damaged hair, you can leave the mask on overnight and rinse out the next morning.

Note: This mask can also be used on dry hair prior to washing your hair. Apply mask from scalp to ends and leave on for up to 1-2 hours before washing your hair. Rinse out with cold water to lock in nutrients. Follow with Shampoo & Conditioner

Disclaimer: There is not just one correct way to use our products. These are just our recommendations on how to use them. Find what works best for your hair type! All products can be used on both men and women!

Ingredients: Quinoa, Basil, Amla, Burdock Root, Sage, Calendula, Turmeric*

*This mask is not intended for use on blonde color treated hair. The turmeric will darken the blonde if applied and left on.