Our History

The products that bring hair back to life...

Founded by Yvette Perez in 2014, Vida Hair Growth is a line of all organic hair products, specially handcrafted to promote growth and help restore damaged hair. However, we aim to do much greater than just rejuvenating lifeless hair. With over 40k successful customers nationwide and inexplainable success stories, Vida Hair Growth is on it's way to making a mark worldwide.

Our products are inclusive of all hair types and textures in women and men, and are designed to enhance growth and revitalize hair. We are proud to say that the organic nutrients and essential oils in our products work to promote growth and recover hair in various conditions such as Alopecia, Telogen Effluvium, balding, hair loss due to Cancer/Chemotherapy, physical stress, and many other circumstances.

From an early age, Yvette always carried the passion of helping others in any way in her power. Once she realized the outstanding results her products delivered and experienced the gratitude expressed from those who regained their livelihood after using her products, she knew this was her calling. Today, she still is overwhelmed with joy when customers share their success stories. As Vida continues to reach new heights, so does her motivation to provide her customers with real products that produce real results. Vida Hair Growth is managed and operated by a small team of people, but we are determined to expand and deliver our remarkable products to those in need worldwide.

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