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About Vida

About Vida

From an early age Yvette Perez, CEO and founder of Vida Bringing Hair Back To Life, carried a passion for helping others in any way possible. Her brand was created with the main objective to help men and women of all hair types and textures bring their hair back to life. Yvette Perez created Vida Essentials in 2014 to promote fuller, thicker, healthier hair.

With over 50,000 customers worldwide and an abundance of success stories, Vida has been proven through real testimonials and results to make a mark worldwide. After seeing the speechless results her products delivered, Yvette was destined to use her power to help people regain their livelihood and confidence back through their hair.

What makes Vida Hair Growth different from the rest?

Yvette Perez has built her family-owned business with the help of her daughter, Qiana Aviles, and her son, Shamel Perez. There is an immense amount of love, care, and precision that goes into each and every one of her products. With natural healing plants and organic nutrients, Vida’s products have helped customers with numerous conditions including alopecia, telogen effluvium, balding, postpartum hair loss, & hair loss from physical stress to name a few. Vida is inclusive to their customers ranging from adolescent children to adults, both men and women, cancer patients, and many more. 

To see some of the amazing success stories and photos, go to our instagram page @vidahairgrowth and search the following hashtags: #VidaVictory and #VidaBringingHairBackToLife.



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