Refund Policy

We do not issue refunds on any orders placed. All items are final sale as they are personal care products. Products do not qualify for a refund after the package has been shipped EVEN IF THE PRODUCT IS RETURNED UNOPENED. If you receive a damaged item in your package, please email us with a photo of the damaged product and your order confirmation number, and we will issue a new product.

Do you offer international shipping?

Yes, we are shipping internationally.

How long does shipping take?

Each order is carefully handcrafted and packaged by a small team of people. We process all orders in the order of which they are received, and shipping can take anywhere from 2 to 14 business days. All orders are shipped as early as possible and each customer receives an email with a shipping confirmation as soon as their order is on its way. During a promotion or sale on products, delivery times may vary.

Do these products work for all hair types and ethnicities?

Absolutely. All of products are made for everyone to use, both women and men. Products can be used on all hair types and textures, and are not geared towards any particular hair type.

Can I use this product on my child's hair?

Yes, children may use our products. We do not recommend using products on children under age 7 as they may still be developing and can be sensitive to some of our ingredients. To be safe, we suggest double checking to ensure children are not allergic to any of the ingredients in our products prior to use.

I suffer from allergies, can I get a full list of ingredients used in your products to be sure I am not allergic?

Please visit our shopping page to view products. Each product has a full list of the ingredients used in that product. Although all products are made with all natural ingredients, it is not recommended that anyone who suffers from several allergies (also known as environmental allergies), try our products. If you are known to have allergic reactions to a variety of substances, our products may not be for you as anything may trigger a reaction.

Do you offer any discounts when you purchase products together?

Discounts are only available when a specific discount or special promotion is announced. Otherwise, products are all sold at normal individual price. We have two value sets available for purchase.

I placed an order online but would like to pick up my products in store. Is this possible?

We do not offer in-store pick up for any purchases made online.

Do you have someone available to examine my hair and tell me which products I should use?

We can provide a recommendation on which products may work best for you based off of details provided by the customer, product purposes, and results of other product users. We do not provide hair consultations or any in-depth evaluation of the hair. We recommend seeing a dermatologist for a scalp examination to determine what conditions you may have.

How soon will I see results?

Each person may respond differently to the natural ingredients in our products, and therefore everyone sees results within different timeframes. With proper use of our products, customers typically see improvement in their hair within 2-3 weeks. Please visit our How to Use page for guidance on how to properly use our products.

Is it safe to use these products on hair that has been bleached, dyed, permed, or has a Keratin treatment?

Yes, our products are safe to use on hair that has been beached, dyed, permed, or has a Keratin treatment. For the best results using our products, we suggest not using other hair-care products while treating your hair.

Can I mixed Vida products with products from other brands?

For the best results, we do not recommend mixing our products with other hair-care products while treating your hair. If you are using other product brands during your treatment, this can impact your experience and results with our products.

I just placed an order, but I made a mistake on my shipping address. How can I fix this?

We kindly ask that customers thoroughly review orders before submitting as we do not guarantee that changes to orders can always be made. If you forget to include an apartment number or incorrectly enter your shipping address, please email us as soon as possible with your correct shipping address and order confirmation number. Each customer receives a confirmation email after placing an order which includes an order confirmation number. When sending us your correct shipping address, you must include your order number. If an order is returned due to an incorrect address provided by the customer there will be an additional shipping fee to resend your package.

If I ordered the wrong product or want to cancel my order, is this possible?

We are unable to make changes to products customers select during checkout as all customers are able to review their shopping cart before submitting an order. We do NOT cancel or refund orders after 24 hours of it being placed. A customer must contact us within 24 hours with their order number to request a cancellation.

What is the Shelf Life on this product?

The Shelf Life is 4 Months.

Still unclear about something? Send us a message and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. We answer all inquiries and questions about products.