Hair Growth Mask
Hair Growth Mask

Hair Growth Mask

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Our signature Growth Mask is for hair that is damaged, has undergone aggressive styling and heat application, or is feeling weakened and thin. This is the perfect treatment to revitalize your hair and help it grow. It penetrates from your scalp to the tip of the hair shaft, supplying nutrients needed for strengthening the hair to promote overall growth and restoration. Great for alleviating shedding (Telogen Effluvium), bald spots, breakage, dry scalp, dandruff, and more.

How to Use: Apply mask to dry hair prior to washing your hair, massaging throughout the hair shaft from root to tip. Cover hair with a shower cap and let sit for a few hours. Can be used overnight for damaged hair. Rinse out and style hair as usual. To use as a deep conditioner, rinse out your conditioner and apply mask to (wet) hair, massaging throughout. Let sit for 5-10 minutes. Rinse out and style hair as usual. 

Ingredients: Fenugreek, Oat Straw, Horsetail Roots, Bamboo, Gotu Kola, and Hops.